22 Oct 2018

The Autumn Term Programme is in full swing!

Many schools are now off for half term, but St Andrew’s will continue opening its doors to Club members. It's a good time on reflect on all that has been happening in the first half of the autumn term programme- an action packed six weeks with so many different opportunities and experiences: from cooking to gym games; trips out to arts and crafts and a very popular homework club. All these activities help members develop educationally, socially and personally.

Arts & Crafts including T- shirt printing and sticker art

Kitchen fun including MasterChef and Bake Off

...including a special "cook from the cupboard" class on World Food Day (16 October) incorporating the day's theme of sustainable cooking

Sumo wrestling in the weekly 'Gym Games & Fun'

Karate and Boxing

Not to mention homework club

Eight members also had the opportunity to 'Chel-Ski'- a new and exciting ski centre in the heart of London. Members were treated to their own private session, thanks to former member Hamza who now works at Chel-Ski.